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I'm happy to say five years later [practicing Evolna], I'm 43 years old and in the best shape of my life. I'm stronger, more mobile, more flexible than I've ever been and another by-product, which was unexpected, was that I'm more confident than ever. I'm more in touch with my needs and my wants, and I attribute that to the Evolna Method.


Working with Marie and Evolna has been incredible for me. I had lost touch with my body, gained weight, didn't feel comfortable really moving...Marie has really helped me re-establish that relationship with my body and find the joy in movement again.


I come from a bodybuilding background and am so burnt out from years of mindless motion. About to take your class this morning. I'm so stoked. Thank you for providing such amazing content and helping me return home. All the love and light from Bangkok, Thailand.

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